U19WFC- Day 2 Recap



A Division:


Norway: 4 vs Finland: 9

Norway POTG: #35 Christopher Aune Klungervik (See Player Interview)

Finland POTG: #3 Joakim Lund (See Player Interview)


Czech Republic: 12 vs Denmark: 2

Czech Republic POTG: #13 Matêj Halvas (See Player Interview)

Denmark POTG: #33 Mikkel Benjamin Christensen (See Player Interview)



Sweden: 14 Slovakia 4

Slovakia POTG: #77 Tomáš Kvasinca (Player Interview Unavailable)

Sweden POTG: #19 Victor Wettergren (See Player Interview)  


After a disappointing loss in yesterday’s opening match, Team Sweden buckled down and took control of this game by scoring early and often.

Sweden’s Player of the Match, Victor Wettergren scored 4 goals and had two assists to lead the charge for the Swedes. The match was one of the most intense of the competition so far.


Switzerland: 6 vs Latvia: 5

The match between Switzerland and Latvia was a physical one. Both teams were eager to win the match and improve their chances to go far in the tournament and that made the atmosphere intense. The turning point in the game was Latvia’s 5-minute penalty which was just too much for their defence. Swiss fans were loud and cheered for their players throughout the match and that might have been the key for the win tonight.


B Division:


USA: 4 vs Russia: 8

See the game recap on YouTube here (2:18): https://youtu.be/EFthk3oe36U


Japan: 2 vs Poland: 3

See the game recap on YouTube here (1:13): https://youtu.be/fGWVG5hMeGs


Germany: 16 vs New Zealand:1

See the game recap on YouTube here (2:03): https://youtu.be/UnakTgOmDfU


Slovakia: 11 vs Canada: 4 

Canada POTG: #7 Cedric Grenapin (See player interview)

Slovakia POTG: #31 Blaz Tomc (See player interview)

Team Canada was disappointed for the second game in a row. However, they played strong right to the end and took the hit like champs.

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