U19WFC: Official Standings

See Official U19WFC Standings below:   New Zealand: 16th Place      Japan: 15th Place USA: 14th Place Canada: 13th Place Poland: 12th Place Russia: 11th Place Slovenia: 10th Place Germany: 9th Place Norway: 8th Place Denmark: 7th Place Slovakia: 6th Place Latvia: 5th Place Switzerland: 4th Place Finland: 3rd Place Sweden: 2nd Place Czech […]


U19WFC- Final Day

A Division Finland: 4 vs Switzerland: 2 Finland Player of the Match: #31 Oskar Silanpää Switzerland Player of the Match: #44 Nils Schälin (See Game Highlights Here) Finland beat Switzerland in a physical game, making them the bronze medal winners for this year’s World Floorball Championships. Czech Republic: 8 vs Sweden: 2  (See Game Highlight) Czech […]


U19WFC- Day #4 Recap

A Division:   Latvia: 6 vs Slovakia: 5 Slovakia POTM: #79 Roman Faith (watch player interview) Latvia POTM: #9 Kevins Smits (watch player interview)   Czech Republic: 9 vs Switzerland: 4 Czech Republic POTM: #10 Josepf Juha (watch player interview) Switzerland POTM: #15 Moritz Markwalder (watch player interview) Spectators eyes were glued to the court […]


U19WFC-Day #3 Recap

Sweden: 15 vs Denmark: 5 Sweden and Denmark went head to head in an intense game. Although Denmark lost the match by 10 points, they won the hearts of many Canadian fans. Six elementary schools from the Halifax area chose to put on their red and cheer for the team. After the game, Denmark players […]


U19WFC- Day 2 Recap

  A Division:   Norway: 4 vs Finland: 9 Norway POTG: #35 Christopher Aune Klungervik (See Player Interview) Finland POTG: #3 Joakim Lund (See Player Interview)   Czech Republic: 12 vs Denmark: 2 Czech Republic POTG: #13 Matêj Halvas (See Player Interview) Denmark POTG: #33 Mikkel Benjamin Christensen (See Player Interview)     Sweden: 14 […]

U19WFC-Opening Day Recap

This tournament opening game kicked off an excellent opening day of the U19 2019 tournament.   A Division:   Latvia: 6 vs Norway: 2   Finland: 6 vs Switzerland: 4 Finland POTG: #22 Sami Savolainen Switzerland POTG: #44 Nils Schälin This was a high paced game that kept all the fans on the edge of […]

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