U19WFC-Day #3 Recap


Sweden: 15 vs Denmark: 5

Sweden and Denmark went head to head in an intense game. Although Denmark lost the match by 10 points, they won the hearts of many Canadian fans. Six elementary schools from the Halifax area chose to put on their red and cheer for the team. After the game, Denmark players joined the kids at the stands to take a quick picture and thank them for keeping their game alive and bringing them a little bit of love in a foreign country.


Finland: 9 vs Latvia: 2


Czech Republic: 7 vs Slovakia: 3

(See game highlights)


Switzerland: 7 vs Norway: 2

Switzerland POTM: #6 Alan Strassel (see player interview)

Norway POTM: #19 Frederik Nilsen (See player interview)

(See game highlights)


B Division:


Poland: 6 vs Russia: 8

(See game highlights)


USA: 7 vs Japan: 6

USA POTM: #8 Ethan Jacques

Japan POTM: #7 Yuichiro Sakazume (see player interview)

This match epitomized the joy and pain of sports competition. Team Japan, who had been leading throughout most of the game felt an intense surge from the USA offence in the last part of the third period as they rallied to tie the game at 6-6. As the third period was winding down it appeared as if this game was most certainly destined to go to a shootout…and with one last effort, the American squad fired the ball at the net and past the Japanese goalkeeper with only 1.8 seconds remaining on the time clock. The Americans and their fans erupted with jubilation while the Team Japan collapsed with the agony of defeat. Team Japan lost their third game of the U19WFC and each loss was by only a one-goal differential.


Canada: 7 vs New Zealand: 1

New Zealand POTM: #4 Christo Matheson (See player interview)

Canada POTM:  #8 William Collins (See player interview)

After losing two games prior, Canada came back strong. They learned from past mistakes and showed definite improvement and unity on the court. New Zealand played a strong game- refusing to back down right to the end of the third period. Although their plight was not reflected in the overall score, they took the loss like champs and were simply happy to be included in the World Championships.

Germany: 11 vs Slovakia: 6

(See game highlight)


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