U19WFC-Opening Day Recap

This tournament opening game kicked off an excellent opening day of the U19 2019 tournament.


A Division:


Latvia: 6 vs Norway: 2


Finland: 6 vs Switzerland: 4

Finland POTG: #22 Sami Savolainen

Switzerland POTG: #44 Nils Schälin

This was a high paced game that kept all the fans on the edge of their seats. The passing was crisp and the goaltending on both sides was spectacular. Finland scored an empty-net goal in the final minute to seal the game and end the Swiss challenge.


Sweden: 1 vs The Czech Republic: 5

Sweden POTG: #89 Malte Lundmark

Czech Republic POTG: #1 Martin Haleš 

The third-seeded Czech team scored early and managed to control the play in this hard-fought match. The Swedes were continually challenged by the opposition’s defence and that created a lot of frustration. There was a lot of jubilation following the game by the CR fans and players alike.


Denmark: 2 vs Slovakia: 8


B Division:


Russia: 7 vs Japan: 6

Team Russia was caught off guard by Team Japan who kept coming at them in waves. The Russians appeared a little nervous by the relentless attack and even were called for an infraction that resulted in a penalty shot for Japan. An exciting game right up to the final buzzer with the final score at 7-6.


Slovenia: 14 vs New Zealand: 2

New Zealand fought hard but their lack of international experience surfaced as they were no match for the smooth passing team from Slovenian team.


Poland: 10 vs USA: 3


Germany:19  vs  Canada:9

Germany POTG: #8 Nils Hofferbert

Canada POTG: #13 Patrick Mahoney

This game saw the highest attendance of the tournament so far. The Canadian fans were very raucous even though the Canadian defence was no match for the well set up plays of the German offence. Oh, did we mention it was high scoring? Team Canada was very nervous in front of their hometown fans in the first period and fell behind early by 3-0 and at the end of the first period had a commanding 7-2 lead. Canada started to get their offence going but the deficit was too much for the continual attack forged against them. In the end, even though they lost, Canada delighted the cheering section of red and white by netting nine goals. Germany walked away with the victory by scoring 19.

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